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drivers who've impressed and who hasn't

Who's impressed you and who's disappointed you.

Alonso, Hedifeld, Massa and Karthikeyan have all impressed me this year.

JPM, Rubens, Webber have not been on form this year at all.


  • Have impressed: Heidfeld, Alonso, Kimi, Massa, KKeyan, DC, Klien !!!!!

    Haven't impressed: M$, JPM, Fisico, Ralf

    Undecided/waiting to see more before judging: the rest of the drivers !!!

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  • forgot DC and klien. They both done great for Red bull.
  • Impressed by Alonso, Kimi and DC (Never thought I'd say that)
    Our own Rookie Pat F is showing good signs too I think.

    JPM, Villeneuve and Ralf look Poor to say the least. My jury is out on Webber and Heidfeld maybe Williams have started to turn it around.
  • Impressive: my favourite drivers.

    Not impressive: anyone I don't like or who I think deserves some needling.


    What a dumb thread.
  • impressive: Raikonnen, Alonso, Heidfeld, Klien

    not Impressive: M.S, Montoya, Liuzzi, Webbo

    Owher team: Albers more impressive if you look at the whole season till now, Friesacher in Monaco and i hope he can keep this pace.
    But i fear that Patrick is also like he did in F3000 not stable in his preformance:(
    But i tell it again, for both drivers it's a year to learn!
    For next race i think Albers will beat Patrick again like the races before Monaco, he won in 2003 in Nurburg and was 2 second last year.
  • impressive: Raikonnen, Alonso, Friesacher, David Coulthard, and Trulli (nobody mentioned him)

    Not Impressive: Massa, Montoya, Webber, Michael Schumacher, Rubens and Fisichella
  • Impressive:

    Raikkonen, Alonso, most of all Trulli

    Not impressive:
    JPM, webber, Schu, most of all Villeneuve (breaks my heart to say it, but he shouldn't be there anymore)
  • All of them impress me.........
  • Impressive - Alonso, Trulli, Friesacher, Karthikeyan and Raikkonen

    Not Impressive - Sato, JPM, Massa and R Schumacher
  • the Indian?

    not so impressive...
  • He has outpaced on every occasion I believe and not with small margins. But that can also imply that Monteiro is very bad ;)
  • outpaced his teammate
  • Klien and Coulthard impressed me
    Fisico's alesilike bad luck impressed me.

    Friesacher in Monaco impressed me.

    Ferrari impressed me a lot.
  • Neil, Trulli wasn't mentioned because HE didn't impress.
    The car impressed !!!!!

    Admitted: Trulli qualified well.
    BUT....... he didn't really race anybody (up untill Monaco).
    He was free of pressure from behind and had no body in front of him to push !!!!

    He has some great results this season, but without hard work in the races !!!!
  • He didn't race anybody in Monaco either - until his Banzai move - he just held up the pack.

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  • I know, but I gave his Kamikaze-action at Monaco the benefit of the doubt!!!!
    (He DID break something on the car jumping over those kerbs)!
  • Impressed: Alonso, Trulli, Heidfeld, Coulthard, Klien, Karthikeyan, Raikonen, Wurz, De La Rosa.

  • Murphs post still rules.
  • Of course! How could I have forgotten about Pedro de la Rosa !!!!!!!
    He sure did impress me !!!!!
  • I'm impressed by Webber's starts: he constantly and systematically loses 2-3 positions at the first corner!

    RS is constantly outpaced by Trulli.

    Monteiro is really far away from F1 standard, reminds me of fantastic names of the past like Gregor Foitek, Perry McCarthy or Ricardo Rosset.

    BAR is the absolute mystery of the season. I hope Button's career will not be endangered, last year his season was incredible, and he deserves to fight for the championship.

    Villeneuve should better retire.
    Barrichello should better retire.

    Coulthard is at the right place for him, and he's doing good. In a top team, where he had to compete directly with the big shots, all his limits emerged.

    Wurz and De la Rosa impressed me a lot when they raced, but also JPM has had a great race in Monaco.

    Trulli is the Arnoux of 2000, in the practice he is a real rocket, if he still drove a Renault this year he would have got 8-10 poles.

    Fisichella is unlucky, but he is not fast enough to be a world chamipion.

  • Drivers who have impressed:

    Ascari, Fangio, Moss, Brabham, Hill (G), McLaren, Clarke, Hakkinen, Prost, Piquet (N), Villeneuve (G), Senna, to name a few.

    Drivers who haven't:

    Stoddart, Murray Walker, Brundle, Eddie the Eagle, My father, the Citizens of Paris, oh, heaps and heaps.
  • Bit rough on the citizens of Paris, mate.

    I reckon anyone who can pilot one of these things at 300 clicks and walk away with limbs intact and breathing, is pretty impressive.
  • Impressive: Karthikeyan, Trulli, Coulthard, Klien, Räikkönen,

    Not impressive: Monteiro, Liuzzi, Massa, Ralf, BAR team,
    Fisichella (after race 1)
  • IMPRESSED: Klien, Heidfeld, King Kimi of Iceland and De la Rosa.

    UNIMPRESSED: Liuzzi, Albers, BAR and Bridgestone.

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  • Willy, I don't agree with BStone not impressing; their tyres were still in good shape after the race in Monaco.

    This from Grandprix.com:
    Somebody, somewhere at Maranello, must recognise that the World Championship-winning team has gone well and truly off the rails this year. The Bridgestone tyres must be apportioned some of the blame for this but, as we saw in Monte Carlo, the tyres do not explain everything about Ferrari's lack of performance. When the car is running with a heavy fuel load, it can produce some startlingly fast results. Given the fact that, after all this time and all this testing, there is still no obvious answer to the problem, it is safe to assume that there must be a problem which cannot easily be fixed because F1 tyres these days can be made in very short periods of time and, if the new Minardi can get to within 2.5secs of the Ferrari at Monaco, one does have to ask whether the real problem for the team lies not in the tyres, as we have all believed up to now, but rather in the fact that the Ferrari chassis is not doing the job that it is supposed to do to get heat into the tyres. One can blame the results on tyre choice but no great team can get it wrong this many times in a row.
  • Okay, be nice, its my first post for a couple of years but Im back as much as possible.
    So far this year Ive been impressed with Alonso, Heidfeld, Karthikeyan, Klien (Major surprise),
    DC, (He's stopped blaming his accidents on enything and everything except himself at last),
    Trulli, Kimi, and of course Albers and Friesacher, who have both done wonderful jobs drivings what can best be described as a 4 wheeled Donkey (Must be so frustrating being lapped by everyone. Frequently. )

    Unimpressed by Montiero (didnt expect anything else!),
    Liuzzi (Must be the money),
    Both Brothers Schuey,
    JPM (I like his driving style though so Im hoping me improves)
    Barrichello, (although it was nice to hear him angry for once after Monaco),
    Jaques (Out of practice?)
    Fissi (Expected better from him in a competitive car)
    As for Jenson and Sato, They havent been on the track long enough to form an opinion:hehe:

    Not so sure on Massa, but I dont think he'll ever amount to anything great
  • Oooops, missed out Webbo. Needs to learn how to pull away and overtake. He's quick, He's a likeable guy, but needs fine tuning. Still, 3rd at Monaco is good, dont care who you are, so Im undecided so far.
  • Welcome back. It's a miracle!
  • I know ......Im good:hehe:
  • impressed:
    Trulli: nobody expected him to be three times on the podium
    Kimi: for me he is the favourite for the Championship
    DC: new team and he´s back, very impressive
    Alonso: very constant for his age
    Heidfeld: the team´s favourite is Webber, but Nick is doing the better job

    not impressed:
    Villeneuve: that guy was World Champion? His performance is just ridiculous.
    Montoya: no chance against Kimi, he should go to another team as soon as possible
    Rubens: good in Australia, since then 0 points in 5 races
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