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drivers who've impressed and who hasn't



  • Willy, I don't agree with BStone not impressing; their tyres were still in good shape after the race in Monaco.
    Finish the race in great condition means nothing really. They have to use a harder compound to be able to whilst their rivals use a softer compound. Just cause Renaults tyres were wrecked by the end of the race means nothing. McLarens and Williams tyres were ok at the end of the race. They just haven't impressed me at all and I don't really see what they have done to impress anyone.

    Plus I thought it was who has impressed me. If you wanna pick fault in peoples suggestions I can always ask why you think that JPM hasn't impressed you??? He's raced 4 times, finished in the points in all three races, has gained 21 positions throughout those four races...
  • JPM hasn't shown the "fire" he has inside him.
    He's become a more clean racer now. I liked his courageous actions in past seasons!!!!
  • We has had to change his style to suit F1. In CART he used to throw his car up the inside and around the outside of everyone. But the other drivers there expect that sort of action. In f1 the drivers would rather just close the door and take you both out than let you through.

    Point is though. Bridgestone are not impressing me this season and that is why we are only able to attempt to compete with Jordans and not others. Sauber had the right idea to swap this season. Otherwise they'd be pointless aswell.
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