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Sempre Minardi

I was flicking though an old issue of F1 Racing and I found an article regarding 'Sempre Minardi'. A small group of Minardi enthusiasts who had formed a little 'club' which produced a magazine. Out of interest does anyone here know about it? And was anyone here a part of the group?


  • ''Sempre Minardi'' was a magazine produced by the West Lavington (UK) Association of Minardi Enthusiasts. The magazine was produced in color and distributed free of charge.
  • Awesome! Nobody has a spare copy we could check out would they? Even scan the pages in for us? :D
  • I tried to track them down but with no luck - are they still around?
  • I did a google search and found this little piece about them and minardi but as of yet not found anything else.
  • one of the editors was called tom, that's all i know :-)
  • What a great article. We need to track them down and find out what they are up to. It is 70 miles from Sussex - where is that relative to any of our Brit members?

    In addition, I wonder who the US west editor was/is?

  • It's not clear (to me) from the article which West Lavington is the one where Sempre Minardi are / were based - Sussex or Wiltshire.
    However both counties are in the south of England about 250 miles south for me.
  • They are not too far from me when im in my Southern abode of the third hole East from London. Opps i mean Reading. But at the moment im relaxing in glorious Yorkshire.

    Not sure how to track them down tho?
  • ?????

    Tou come from the land of Sherlock f'n Holmes and the Avengers and you have the gaul to ask that?
  • I will do my best in between revision. Got to do well in my exams otherwise i wont be able to go stateside!!
    It might be worth asking around other web forums that any people are members of??
  • I'll have a look around for the magazine. It gives details of their names and where they meet up from memory.
  • Yeah i was a member of Sempre Minardi. Dont know if its still going.

    I was a memeber back in the days of Trulli and Katayama. It was free, but only recieved 3 magazines (very nice magazines indeed!) which i still have knocking around back home.
  • the welcome to wiltshire sign was about half a mile from my front door last year if that helps:hehe:
  • You are going back to that school to finish your studies right?
  • yup yup, wouldn't stay here for any longer even if they paid me to do so...
  • Man - that says alot when the UK is a more desirable place to live than italy.
  • :hehe:
  • it's not really a UK or Italy thing more like

  • one of the editors was called tom, that's all i know :-)
    The West Lavington Association of Minardi Enthusiasts consisted of nine people (7 from Britain and 2 from Austria). Their names are;

    Geoff Willis, John Doe, Sue Holland, Jamie Willis, Dan Ashdown, Chris and Sabine Stockmar, Paul Hudson and Alistair Mitchel. (No Tom there RJ. ;))

    Interesting piece i've got here, however I think alot of you will loath F1 Racing refering to Minardi as "the other Italian team"
  • I spoke to Geoff once, I seem to remember him saying the mag had fizzled out.

    The West Lavington in West Sussex is near Goodwood - v pretty part of the country.
  • John Doe, really? :o

    Good to see a BAR man (Ex-Williams even) leading the charge there too.
  • wow. that is probably the most succinct summation I have read about Minardi and why I find a lot fo fans like the underdog team. THATS's what can sell sponsership! That's the kind of stuff that shoudl be taken advantage of!
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