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Hope we can get Zsolt Back for the test job!!!

We need a expierince test driver like Zsolt who can help developed the car.
I hope that Zsolt is a oppertunity for Minardi!


  • True. He'd be a good choice.
  • I'm quite confident!!!

    Seeing that his sponsors only wanted him in a F1 role and not in Champcar !!!!
  • If only you'd all been at Minardifest '05.........;)
  • yoy're mean dan:hehe:
  • I have read everywhere in the hungaro press that he has a really good chance to get the test driver role. He "just" has to find 2,5 million $...
    Maybe Zsolt has to play on the lottery, because if he hits the jackpot then we can forget that Lee guy ;)
  • Well, Lee could replace Nissany...:mad: ;)
  • If they get Zsol tthey should sign him for the rest of the season except Jap and China races.
    It would be wise to have Lee there (publicity).
  • If I was Zsolt I would not take the role. He has to move up th egrid. Imagine going from driver to tester in the smallest team????

    He needs to do a Bernoldi. How he got the drive at BAR I'd never know.
  • Zsolt is not what Minardi need, especially now they have a more competitive car. They need a driver who brings enough sponsorship to secure a cosworth V8 for next year.
  • maybe we should think out of the damn box and sign zsolt to a long term deal. This short term chasing the buck is not working. god forbid that Zsolt goes the Alonso route in few years. I think we need to remember that this is a business and it should be run and approached as such. please see my comments on the Please to Paul S thread. Thinking about securing Cosworth is short term. We should be thinking about securing the #1 constructors spot. That's not going to happen by chasing the shrot term sponser. We need a sales and marketing team that goes to work everyday. With money we can grow. it's about the damn money.
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