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Strange rumours?

c/p from forum.albersf1:

Former Minardi driver Jos Verstappen has agreed to return to the team to take on a role as a test-driver. The 34 year old dutch driver is currently without a drive since his plans to compete in the champcar worldseries fell through due to lack of sponsorship. At the Imola grandprix the Minardi team approached Verstappens manager and discussed if he would be interested to help the team develop the new car.

Paul Stoddart, talking to the press about Minardi's new italian driver-development plan, commented briefly on the matter:
"We're not going to change our current driver line-up, but we are always looking for ways to improve our performance. We know that Jos is an excellent and very experienced driver and the Minardi team has always been very happy about his contributions in testing and development of the car. We cannot expect our current drivers to deliver the same amount of technical feedback like Verstappen is able to do, simply because they are new to formula one. With the new car and the new more powerful cosworth engine we have the potential to catch up with Jordan, and we should be able to beat them in the near future."

A cosworth spokesman expressed his concerns about the progress being made, since Redbull are to race Ferrari engines next year. Up to now Redbull helped them a great deal in improving the engine. During pre-season testing formula 1 veteran David Coulthard generated valuable feedback on the engine. For the 2006 season Minardi will probably be the only team running cosworth engines. The current level of testing at Minardi is simply insufficient and cosworth urged Minardi to enable them to take measures in ensuring a stable flow of technical data neccesary for their engine-development.

By taking on Verstappen as a test-driver Minardi takes it's first big step on to becoming a reliable partner of cosworth engineering.
Minardi wasn't able to comment on when and where Verstappen will do his first test-runs for the team other than that it will be in the very near future.


  • jos is too proud to take over a testing role. that's my op.
  • Despite his history with us, i'd welcome this move.

    Verstappen would get the car working to it's optimum quick smart.
  • I know there is a lot of hostility towards JV and his comments on leaving minard i were more than unhelpful. However - he is a good (not great) driver with experience to help the team develop a new car. I will take anything that helps the team improve. (If any of this is true....)

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  • I'm sorry, but I'm not buying this crap - but then again: you can all beat me when I'm wrong - Verstappens ego is to big to become Minardi's test driver.
  • :) :rolleyes: :hehe: :( :P :spank: :angel:




  • It's probably a fake pr!!

    It if were true though, then I think his experience would be good for developing the car.
    And, IF it were true, his first test might have been next week's Friday session at Nürburgring. It's only a 1,5hour drive from his home !!!!
  • I hope this rumour is true, then after all, trust could become a sponsor again
  • First of all I don't know if there is any truth in the story I posted but then again Jos and Paul are still good friends and it is a oppertunity to show TRDW how to drive an F1 car....
  • I'll admit that I was happy to see the back of him after his comments on the team, BUT, I'd be happy to see him back as a tester. His experience would be a big help to the young blokes. Some of his, quieter, sponsors may come back as well. Maybe even a few more bucks from Harry Meurmans as well.

    I found the Cosworth comments interesting as well. Wonder if they'd be willing to throw the team a few dollars to help with extra testing??

  • I think we would all be happy to have Joss back.

    The simple reason is because we all see potential in the new chassis and engine combination.

    This is the greater good......let's put our swords back and welcome joss back, if he does come. But mark my words, I ain't taking any shit.
  • I ain't taking any shit
    Thanx for sharing this with us.... ;)
  • I'm not buying it either.
  • I found the Cosworth comments interesting as well. Wonder if they'd be willing to throw the team a few dollars to help with extra testing??
    If only they would give us V8 engines :(
  • Talk about a theory in a void! Minardi doesn't test. If they did have the money to test, the regular drivers should get the seat time first, then a test driver. While the input would be very useful there's simply no way to do it funding wise.

    Cosworth isn't going to subsidize the test budget and undermine the small amount they'll take from Minardi in 2006 for a team assured of remaining at the back with neutered V10's.

    I think it would also put the young drivers in an unfair position with a vet like Verstappen chomping to race after every posted time that's better than the race driver(s).

    A better solution would be to sign up with Cosworth for V8's, and ask if they'd help with running a 3rd driver this year for chassis development. That way we'd be meeting Cosworth in the middle (somewhat) while forgoeing a full blown test program for which the money simply doesn't exist. This would be more palletable for an experienced driver who would be competing with the full field.
  • what about Friday testing?! We could use someone for that.
  • we could, but not him.. knowing him he'll be tryin to be the fastest minardi driver no mather what the cost, that's not testing.
  • It's part of testing, and assuming the situation would have a certain amount of stability (a big assumption) the prospect of 3rd driver now with a fair crack at racing in '06 would be enough of an incentive to stick to the program. Cosworth isn't going to be interested in a pure pay driver to subsidize, this couldn't be viewed as a revenue generator for Minardi to work.
  • this is bs guys, don't even think about debating it:rolleyes:
  • From the paddock today: Kiesa wil be driving the 3th car at the Nürburgring (seems that the 3th chassis is finally ready and has to be tested).
  • How much is he bringing?
  • Enough to pay for the fuel I presume..
  • Hopefully more than that!
  • A bit of extra help is always well received, and considering that he's much better than Nissany IMHO...
  • Imagine Nissany doing the 3rd driver duties. *shudder*

    12 seconds a lap slower than the next Minardi, and still with the Ray Bans trying to look cool in the pits. :hehe:

    His manager, sidling up to Ron Dennis, 'so, how are you placed for test drivers next year, Ron?' ;)
  • More scoops from the paddock?

    Piquet jr. was visiting Minardi yesterday together with his father looking for a drive next season. But before you guys get to happy about this: the guy is semi-dutch and a real wanker...

    Stoddart is concentrating more and more on OzJet and thats why he would be happy to sell the team in the near future.
  • The Minardi test is denied by Verstappen, so no truth in this rumour....
  • Then it surely will be Kiesa.

    I'd prefer Zsolt, though !!!
  • I'ld like to se Zsolt back myself. Buni's doing pretty good in F2 is seems and now Red Bull has snatched up Scott Speed?!?!?
  • I'ld like to se Zsolt back myself. Buni's doing pretty good in F2 is seems and now Red Bull has snatched up Scott Speed?!?!?
    scott speed has been a red bull driver for years
  • That's an understatement. He's the first to come out of the Red Bull Driver Search.
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