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Wich Minardi lineup you want to see for 2006?

I would like to see this driver linup for next year

First Driver: Christijan Albers
Second Driver: Adam Carrol
Third Driver: C.Piccione

Car: PS06 (with the PS05 back and a new front)
Engine: V8:(

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  • PS05B - revised aero and full spec V8.

    Drivers - Albers and Friesacher.
  • JPM and Schumi but since that is a wet dream I guess Albers and Either Scott Speed or Piquet Jr. would be nice and would bring some nice $$$$.
  • I would very much like to see that both Christijan Albers and Patrick Friesacher stayed. To ensure some stability to the team.
  • Ideally I would like to see Patrick and Chris stay on.

    Alonso would be very welcome if he fancies reliving his youth:D

    Of our other previous drivers I'd be happy to see Zsolt, Bas Lienders, Justin Wilson or M Webber back in the car.

    Bruni can come back if he promises not to throw the towel in.
  • This is tough. I like both of our current drivers. However, if Red Bull wanted to get Scott Speed some race seat time I would not be against that. If Flav wants to do the same for the Finn then I'd be cool with that. If Bruni had a chunk of money I'd take it as well since he hwas picked by the MAN himself.

    However, we need continuity at the least.
  • Drivers: someone good, but has to bring a bag of money !!!

    The car will be the PS05, of course (unless PS sells out).

    I mean, in 2003 and 2004 we didn't have the PS02B and C !!!!!!
  • Drivers: Me and Paris Hilton.

    Reason: So when she crashes out I can help revive her (chest pumps etc),
    extra publicity and she has a few $'s to spash around. Also if she stops on the course, she can distract the other drivers, causing them the crash and thus get back in the car and win the race???

    I hope that wasn't sexist?

    Seriously, DC is doing wonders at Red Bull so someone who can diagnose problems and sort out the chassis. Look at where a lot of the drivers who drove for Minardi are now. I'd also like to sign a "Young Gun" on a 5 year
    contract (with clauses Minardi's way) to show loyalty and have a stable sponsor package. There is no use bringing up talent and then letting the driver walk up the ladder and take the sponsors with him (her).
  • We should stick with the same drivers as this year.

    After all they got the best results in years and we're still at the middle of the season!:D
  • I would like to get through 2005.

    Some stability next year would be nice.

  • I would be happy keeping the current line-up.

    Although I wouldn't mind seeing Nico Rosberg in the car purely for the fact that he is sponsored by Dominator Yachts. The irony of seeing a Minardi Dominator would be quite amusing.
  • same same.. lets have some consistency please.
  • Yes, new front in PS05! Drivers: Albers and Baumgartner...
  • Alex Yoong and Justin Wilson
  • I think it's very unrealistic to keep Albers.

    Friesacher and Baumgartner would be very nice.....

    Btw, what happend to Marchy Lee?
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