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Giancarlo Minardi in an interview f1grandprix.it, says he's ready to go back to races, starting again from Formula 3000.
I'm having back all my marks, in particular, the one with the Faenza Lion and the italian flag, since I guess that the history of Minardi is linked to that logo", he said.
"This mark could be rented to various teams. One of those is a F3000 team, and so in the next days a Minardi Team Formula 3000 could rise up", he added.



  • forza will have something to report on :D
  • Best news I've herard in months!

    Break out the flag!
  • quig, I posted it thinking of you:hehe:
  • i read the interview, just a short paragraph on it

    if he says f3000 does he mean italian f3000 or gp2?
  • I would hope he meant GP2 so I couldt at least see those races, but I'm thinking Italian F3000.
  • i guess it's italian f3000, Otherwise he would have said gp2.
  • I would definitely support the team. Hope it is GP2 as they will be at F1 weekends and also get TV coverage. You can't keep a good racer down!!!
  • I'd support his effort if it were Formula Ford.
  • Minardi's like a phoenix. it rises from the ashes.
  • I'd personally love to see the Minardi name in Dakar again. I'm with MCSF, I follow the Minardi name in whatever racing category it shows up in, except NASCAR, but that wouldn't happen.

    BTW did anyone else watch Dakar this year? I was only able to catch the 30 minute show they had each afternoon here. Heard they had slightly more coverage later in the day but unfortunetly didn't catch it. 30 min. does not do the race justice.
  • Halleuja, I can hear the angels singing.
  • I knew he couldn't resist. All the 'F1 or nothing' talk seemed a bit.. forced?

    Forza Minardi
  • Bravissimo il Fondatore!
  • This is brilliant.

    There is hope after all.

    And if Gian Carlo has the right investment a possibility of great things for the future.

    Thanks Santa, it was late but hey anything is better than nothing.
  • Super !!

    Forza Minardi !!
  • F1racinglive.com:
    The famous Minardi name could return to the race track in the near future.

    The former Grand Prix team's founder, Giancarlo Minardi, revealed in an interview that he was currently in the process of re-gaining control of the brand, after selling it to Paul Stoddart in late 2000.

    "This brand could be rented to various teams," Italy's Minardi told f1grandprix.it, "so a Minardi F3000 team could soon be born."

    Giancarlo Minardi also mused as to how his little Faenza-based team survived at the pinnacle of motor sport, while so many other privateers went under.

    He said the secret was to stick to a staff of 100.

    "Other teams, growing to 250-300 employees, made a mistake," Minardi explained, "because in tough moments they didn't have enough money and had to give up."
  • :cool::D

    Forza Minardi
  • So are we all agreed F3000 in 2006, GP2 in 2007 and a return to F1 under the new concorde agreement in 2008?

  • Guys this is good news but anyone who has watched Italian F3000 will have to agree this is far down the Motorsport food chain. I hope that GP2 in 2007 will be his objective. However as GCM is so involved in finding Italian Driving talent IF3000 is a good starting point. This in a way is one of the best things to happen to Italian Motorsport!
  • Is it to early to do a ltiitle dance??

  • Forza Minardi... di nuovo! (again;) )

  • I like Minardirules thinking....... with the reported move of both Red Bull teams to Austria in 2 years.....just maybe GCM could buy back the Faenza factory and the locals on the STR staff would stay to work for the re-born Minardi team.........

    It is a nice thought.......

    Forza Minardi.....................Forza Faenza
  • A bit easily excited guys.
    "This brand could be rented to various teams,"
    That neans any tosser team gives him $$$$ and they can call themselves Minardi, and *shock* no GCM involvment nesessary.
  • I would hope that GCM learned his lesson when he gave the name to Paul.......
  • I wonder if he still has Pauls number so they
    can become partners of for sponsorship???
  • Badda bing, badda boom!

    ...to all the comments 'xcept Piston's! (no offfense intended)
  • > I'd support his effort if it were Formula Ford.

    Heck, I'd support him if it were in a Donkey Derby on Blackpool Sands. We all would.

    *does happy dance*
  • Badda bing, badda boom!

    ...to all the comments 'xcept Piston's! (no offfense intended)
    Bernie.........it was a joke!...Really!!!!!

    [Edited on 20/1/2006 by PistonBroke]
  • Here's an idea for GCM.

    What if he did go and race Formula Ford? But as a manufacturer? There are only a handful of Formula Ford manufacturers around the world - Van Dieman (UK), Mygale (France) and Spectrum (Australian) are the only mainstream brands that come to mind.

    If GCM wants to bring the tallent of Italian Karting up through the motorsport ladder, he could perhaps start by producing an Italian make of Formula Ford called Minardi! They could be designed and built in Faenza, and sold off as complete cars, or in kit form just as Van Dieman and Mygale do. And better still, us mere mortals could save up our pennies and perhaps one day purchase one...
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