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Minardi Back in F1 2008



  • i heard stoddart say in an interview that he intended to use the ps05s for driver development...
  • Originally posted by Alloy
    In an ideal world GCM will be at the launch and both the F1 and the Euro3000 team would enjoy synergies, specifically in the area of driver development.
    image image image

    I LOVE ideal worlds!!! :D
  • Didn't PS use to run the team with bases from the UK and Italy, maybe he'll start in the uk and then do the same.
  • Originally posted by Stan
    If you ask me... a F3000 team ran by mister Minardi is as much like Minardi as Paul Stoddart running a F1 team called Minardi.

    I think it doesn't really matter. I think it's all about supporting an underdog and the most sympathetic team on the grid.
    Stan - man you just dont get it do you?

    "Can't say I give a f*ck whether GCM is involved or not. I'm not sentimental like that."

    Enough said.

    So I take it that the concensus is that the majority of this forum would give up supporting the real Italian "Minardi" team in it's endevours in the lower formulas to support a team based in the UK using the "Minardi" name with no ties to Faenza simply because the owner has the rights to use the Minardi name? Simply because the Name?

    I'm amazed at the attitude to Toro Rosso who kept the team in Faenza - the core of employees of Minardi are still there. OK changes were made but that must be expected to a point. They SUCK because they are not Minardi.
    Yet it is perfect for Paul to relaunch a Minardi team in the UK and the bandwagon rolls on.

    I dont support Toro Rosso but I do support the Staff at Faenza. I could never support European Minardi if it was based in the UK and with no GCM involvement- why its not Minardi simple.

    Forza Minardi F3000
    Forza Gian Carlo
    Forza the Dream
  • Stoddart hasn't got the resources behind him, just as he hadn't over the last 5 years. He can send in an entry form, but that is a long way from getting a viable operation up and running, let alone making it successful. You've got to admire the guy's spirit, but he really failed to take Minardi anywhere. Why should his second bite at the cherry be any different?

    As to calling any Stoddart F1 effort "Minardi", that would be a clear case of misrepresentation...we already have a Minardi Team, and their season kicks off in a week or so. I believe the phrase is "Forza!"
  • Ger/ghost - THAT IS THE SPIRIT!!!!!
  • Personally, I think PS sold the team because last year he could get
    $50 Million for it (or whatever) and he knew, with inside
    information, he could start a new team 2 years later for sweet
    "bugger all".

    Selling the team this year he wouldn't have recouped the money.
  • Clearly Stoddie didn't buy the MCSF name!

    So GCM could name a team "GCM backed by MCSF" and all the hundreds of fans on this site, and our world-wide readership or thousands would ceratinly know what it meant.

    BTW when Faenza closes, I guess TOIT will become TIT.

  • One would hope so!
  • Ger, Ghosty palpable blows landed. Stoddart'sinterested in self promotion. Not F1. We've seen what he achieved in 5 years with an experienced crew. Set up on his own in Ledbury. It would make Life F1 look like a big budget team.
    ( For those not in the know, Life turned up in 1989 with a W12 engine and never completed a full lap....in practice.
  • Stan - man you just dont get it do you?
    Actually, that's relative. In my opinion you don't get it.
  • Read on f1racing.net that 22 entries have been lodged for F1 2008. So we know the current 11, then Minardi and Prodrive. The rest have not been mentioned yet. I would think Penske and Irvine, are two more of those entries, leaving 7 unknowns at this point. Possibly Eddie Jordan, I would be suprised if he wasn't wanting back in F1 also.
  • I was thinking the exact same thing. 22 entries is unbelievable. It will be interesting to see if the actual list is ever disclosed. It is hard to believe that $100 million cap will ever be established or better yet complied with. There is no question in my mind that MFG Teams will find ways around the cap however it is great to see so much interest as a result of the pie in the sky idea.
  • I thought that this was an excellent piece of writing by Richard Chang in RACER magazine (www.racer.com) in the April issue:

    "...Let me explain. Right now, the grid can be divived into your glamour boys (Fernando Alonso and Kim Raikkonen), your nice guys (Jarno Trulli and Nick Heidfeld) and you jerks (Ralf Schumacher and Juan Pablo Montoya). It's hard to root for any of these guys. Even the nice guys lack personality. Or we don't know enough about them. F1 teams are so protective of what the media can and can't cover that most of the drivers are more like short fashion models than sports heros.

    That's why Minardi had such a big following. Paul Stoddart put himself and his opinions out there, warts and all. He played the underdog card to perfection, showed a sense of humor and appeared human. It worked. People loved him. There's no science to figuring out the rootability factor....."

    The problem has been in F1 and will continue to be that there is such limited fan accessability. I thought that DC's comments to the Aussie press about how Mark Webber migh tnot be good enough for F1 was inciteful. He broadsided Mark in his home race. Perhaps he still harbors some ill will from that rain issue a couple years back but that lights some fires. Kinda like what #3 did for NASCAR. he was a bastard on the track and guys wanted to hit him bu the was a blunt SOB and the fans loved it!

    Personally I think that PS and GCM both brought soemthing TOGETHER. GCM for the pure love of the RACE. PS, 'cause, hot damn, he made the circus alot of fun to watch. I can't tell you how many pats on the back I got at INdy last year when PS gave the thumbs down on the jumobotron and people where like "wow, you're a Minardi Fan! We GET it now!"

    Give credit where credit is due. Part of it is the SHOW and part of it is the BLOOD of racing. It's takes a wee bit o' both IHMO.


    [Edited on 1-4-0606 by bernie]
  • The team probably wont be called Minardi.
    You guys are getting all worked up by the "european minardi" appliation.
    Thats the business name of Stoddys existing company, not a team name.
  • Bernie quoted and article with which I agree.

    " I thought that DC's comments to the Aussie press about how Mark Webber migh tnot be good enough for F1 was inciteful. He broadsided Mark in his home race. "

    We note that Webber qualified 7th in Melbourne, Coulthard 11th.

    Coulthard might be faster if he kept his big jaw closed.

    .....next the race.

  • Coulthard has been known to suffer from brain fade
  • Originally posted by Stan
    [quote]Actually, that's relative. In my opinion you don't get it.
    Relative or not we are planets away on our opinions on this one.
  • I just watched the highlights program on the Oz GP and the issue of Eddie Jordan also putting his name in the 2008 hat was brought up. According to the reporter Jordan rates his chances very high he says Dave Richards is the favorite with him a close second. He gave Stoddart outside chance just behind GP2 outfit Racing Engineering who he claimed were the dark horse in this race. Jordan was aparently told to apply by Bernie.
  • Does Eddie do everything he's told, or just when it's Bernie telling him?
  • I like Ron Dennis's slant. Instead of going through a selection process on who can compete, simply invite everyone to prequalify. We will soon see which teams are serious.
  • Is this going to end up turning into one of those Prost/Arrows/Minardi things from 2001?

    In other words, have people read some rules somewhere that mean that owning a team in '08 comes with some sort of quick out with dollars?

    As to the debate on when a Minardi is a Minardi; stike me pink!

    It's OK for a Euro 3000 team with no connection with GCM to call themselves Minardi, but not OK for the rights holder?

    MCSF is fast turning itself into a self-styled Minardi heritage rights holder. Guess what guys, for whatever it's worth for yout to know it, folks have all sorts of different reasons for following the team over the years, and you guys are just in the pack; not leading it.

    No-one actually needs your imprimatur to do anything. Saying stuff like - you just don't get it - is like saying 'I was first in the queue' at a progressive barn dance. For crying out loud, allow yourselves a little lattitude in your thinking. This stuff about Minardi, without GCM (and no-one knows for sure that that is the case) is not Minardi unless we approve it, is just rubbish. Not to mention a little incediary. Not that I would get into that sort of thing.
  • As to the debate on when a Minardi is a Minardi; stike me pink!
    How's this pink boy?

    It's OK for a Euro 3000 team with no connection with GCM to call themselves Minardi, but not OK for the rights holder?
    No connection? If a picture is worth a thousand words the abvove should do just fine - no spell check needed. In addition, GCM' son is the Sporting Director. GCM's son used to be at the F1 Minardi but forged out on his own and now the two are working together
    MCSF is fast turning itself into a self-styled Minardi heritage rights holder.
    Nope, that is you thinking too much. We, the Club, are just trying to make sure that people realize that there IS a competitive Minardi unit feilding a car in a professional series - as a matrter of fact the season kicks off this coming weekend. Its a real Team - I get email from them thanking us for the support....just like the F1 Minardi used to do.
    No-one actually needs your imprimatur to do anything.
    Nor yours.

    Now get back to your barn dance.
  • Until now 74% of the site's users think that Stoddie will make it, not bad

    and Emmett, Stod doesn't forget his fans either ;)

  • I am not saying he will not make it - I am just saying that a REAL Minardi Team exists as of right now.

    Funny - none of the MC's are on that links list. Not surprising.
  • Originally posted by MCSF

    Funny - none of the MC's are on that links list. Not surprising.
    You're right, that's not surprising
  • I'm ALWAYS right.
  • well, none of the clubs are on the gpracing links either, nor is forza
  • True, but I don't think that site has been updated sice the end of last season.

    As per an email they sent me there will be a new Minardi site soon - but soon is relative in Italy IMHO. However, at that time I expect that all of the MC's that have stayed allied with GCM (All of them) will be linked as well as this site.
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