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I'm on youtube!!!!!!

Scary ain't it. Never even seen the site myself, but apparently I'm there.

If you wanna see what I do kicks(living), go to youtube and search for, scare steve police dogs.

As soon as I can access to a broadband machine I'll have to have a look myself.


  • this is the link

    pity they didn't leave some of the audio in tact
  • Good stuff ... now, who would I like to see in that compound with no protection?
  • Wow. That's cool. Too bad most of the action is in the last minute. The rest is rather boring because all they do is zoom in and out on that Steve guy :o. They might as well have used that time to do a short interview or something.

    [Edited on 30-3-08 by Stan]
  • Maybe your dogs can have a meeting with Max Mosely.
  • wow, that's good oz...hmm, might do one of my ridgebacks too...
  • No way Roo. No telling what they might catch off the dirty old bugger.

    Rj, the real pain in the arse is that they won't even let us have a copy of the whole thing, it went for around 20 mins. There was also an audio in terview I did with them previous to this, and I can't get as copy of that of them either!!! Damn corporate lackeys........
  • Great video, shame about the choice of song
  • 4eva, it wasn't our choice either.

    PS the dog in the video was put down on the 28 Apr. He had sustained a serious hip injury, which basically left him with a permantly dislocating hip. And, being the boss here, I had to make the ultimate decision and inform his handler that it was "time". Not one taken lightly, but in the animals best interest.
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