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forzaminardi.com was hacked?

Yeah, I got to forzaminardi.com today and the window says "Hacked !_oToFaReSi_!".

What's wrong? there is also some advertise of something called "Vivvo".


  • oh dear, those people are so annoying! i don't even have the software anymore to change this and to be frank people, I won't invest another 300 quid to buy a new package. will investigate
  • as far as I read that is a Content Management System-Software ? I think alot of the things here could be done with HTML and CSS, also there's alot of free forum-software...
  • oh dear,i just figured out now after one week how to enter the forum
    but why should a site like this be hacked????
  • well there are guys out there who have fun doing such things...may sound a bit weird but it's simply tha way, even if I would never understand this point of view.
  • Well hacking sites can be fun. I've hacked forza in the past ;). But the way it was done this time just was a big ego trip by someone who used a known vulnerability in the content management system.
  • WANKERS!!!!!!!!!!
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