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How can Honda get it so right.....

In the Indycar series, yet get it so wrong in F1??? I know we're talking differing requirements, but surely the basics are pretty similar. A 1.6 Lt turbo, vs a 2.2 Lt twin turbo, something must be similar somewhere. Am happy for the propeller heads to tell me different. It just surprises me that they haven't even thought to grab somebody from the U.S engine dept and dragged them over to Japan.


  • Maybe it's the whole Hybrid requirement? Or do they have that in Indy too?
  • Seems like they read this Forum (and your post, oznomad)
  • SHIT!!!!! Maybe they read the Forza page!! No Hybrid in Indycar, and some of the problem at least seems to be connected to the inability to fully deploy the battery power, but I thought a large chunk of the drama has been connected to the ICE. Fair chance I'm wrong, and am happy to be corrected if I am. But you would think that somebody from the Indycar program would've been bought in from the get go.
  • Alonso in the final qualifying shootout for Indy. Can't remember when he was in the position in F1 for the last time :)
  • Alonso starting 5th. Let's not say anything more....
  • Actually: What I'm saying is, where can I watch it?
  • I watched the qualifying lap. It was scary. That sport has no margin, no margin whatsoever. It is F1 1970.
  • Yup, precisely why Jenson said he wouldn't do it + 'Two of my (childhood) friends have died on ovals'. - Dan & Justin.
  • Fuckin'Honda....Alonso could really make it.....

    BTW what about the Zidane heade by Seb to Lewis? Anyway it will remain an iconic moment of the sport hahaha
  • Yes, it's nice to have Maldonado back. I tried looking at that incident from every conceivable mitigating viewpoint, but in the end, it was just bloody petulant. As we say in Oz, he just threw his toys out of the pram. There really are two Sebs, aren't there? Witty, cheeky, winning Seb, and sulky, moody, everyone is against me, losing Seb. The bump in the back of Hamilton was a bit reminiscent of when he took Webber out at Silverstone way back whenever it was, only this time no appology.

    Alonso is one unlucky man. Still, the team choices were his, and that is the way it plays out sometimes.

    The Max/Dan thing looks set to get a bit interesting. One feels that the sporty friendship could be under a bit of pressure. Dan is being bested timewise by the young fellow, and the young fellow seems to be skilled at breaking his car. A bit unfair, but rumours of fiddling with engine settings, etc.

    Just curious, but when do we get to see the headline about VJ getting scooped up off the street by Extradition Vigilanties????
  • I see Jos the Toss is doing his bit for team harmony at Red Bull, with his latest comments.
  • Vettel "forgiven" by FIA for his wheeler on Lewis at Baku. Legally he could not be punished a second time but FIA lost the chance to set the clear rule that intentional collision leads straight to black flag or disqualification from next race.
    This "soft" principle having passed, not we risk to see events like this again with the mounting rivalry between Seb and Lewis and with the likes of Ricciardo, Verstappen, Fernando (if he manages a seat in RBR or Mercedes) who may in the next years also be fighting for the championship......
    Let's never forget F1 is by itself a dangerous sport......
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