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  • impressed: Trulli: nobody expected him to be three times on the podium Kimi: for me he is the favourite for the Championship DC: new team and he´s back, very impressive Alonso: very constant for his age Heidfeld: the team´s favourite is Webber, but …
  • Referring to picutre 1: "We need it to weigh 600 kilos? We´ll put 20 kg, here, 20 there, 10 over there..."
  • Okay, I can´t hold up that fart so here we go :P [Edited on 7/5/2005 by hennes]
  • Well done Gimmi, already his performance in Imola was quite good.
    in Bruni! Comment by hennes May 2005
  • "Luigi! I always treated you like a son. You were like family to me. And now you betray me by attacking me with a tennis ball. What should I do with you. Would you accept this if you were in my position?"
  • Berni checks Michael for a secondary illegal bladder. WINNER!!!!! This cannot get better! :D :D :D [Edited on 7/5/2005 by hennes]
    in Caption comp Comment by hennes May 2005
  • a. Pole getter - MS b. Winner of GP - MS c. Second in GP - KR d. Third in GP - FA e. First out - NK f. Albers - 11th g Friesacher - 12th
  • I hope Ronnie doesn´t take a break. I like his offensive play. By the way, have any of you tried yourselves to play Snooker? It´s so difficult but much fun ;)
    in Snooker Comment by hennes May 2005