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PSO5 at Imola



  • Vielen Dank Homer! Nice pics!
  • I guess they're Autosprint's (cool italian magazine, used to read it).
    I think there are many new things in the car, not only on the back end. We can't set a good comparison based on a few pics (thanx selespeed, awesome) and I can't wait to this weekend to see how the team may be able to thrash the midlands. Eat those punks.
    Congrats to the whole team, nice job. But start planning the 2006's car as well! I want a new car for next season, no more 3-years rebadging.
    The engine is = RBR, end of story. The aero may be nice but the engine's news is the best for me. The most powerful minardi in many many years talking about engines. Decent aero should be enough to wipe out the yellow shitboxes. Agree with Petrol, I' d rather compare with RBR than Judases.
  • Read elsewhere that the PS05 Exhausts are pointed outboard of the wing endplate. Can't see it anywher but if true, it would be a major deviation from the norm.
  • The chimney's are pointed outboard. The Exhaust are on the usual place, but seem to be higher, due to the fact that the bodywork of the sidepod's is lower.

  • Guys, it's a totally new monococque! I counted 6 chassis yesterday, they made 4 PS04B's!

    Hope you enjoy this teaser...
  • Jello, tell us more !!!:P
  • But the question is: Is it a new design?!

  • To clarify the confusion over the moncoque. Every season a team will build a new monocoque. The question with Minardi is whether they have used the existing moulds to build it or used a new design to build a completely different monocoque.
    If you look at the take off points for the sidepods, it looks like they used existing moulds. Lets face it it costs serious wonga to machine new moulds for a monocoque.
  • I recall Bruni saying the chassis he used was the one Webber drove to 5th in Melbourne 2002 - meaning the same car with aero, safety and engine upgrades.
  • But the question is: Is it a new design?!

    In your heart you know the answer. It's Minardi afterall. ;)
  • jason, I met Richard yesterday
    I asked him: How do you feel about being our new posterchild? :hehe:

    he hadn't seen it yet but told me his friend had :-)

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  • The moulds and tubs are new. The changes to the tub are mostly aerodynamic and weight reduction. The new crash spars are light and day compared to the old ones!

    Regarding the new gearbox, we'll have to wait for the new 6 speed design's introduction.

    The radiators are simply a work of art. Major credit to the boys in the machine shop welding them up nice and tidy as well as the engineers designing them.
  • Not long to go now. This all-new car (yes, including the front!) will have to show what it can do in a day or so.

    I haven't had this much anticipation for quite some time.

    FORZA PS05!

    Good luck to all the team for this weekend!
  • There's a bit more technical spiel on the PS05 in this week's Autosport. Including an interview withGabriele Tredozzi.
    In short the car has a new gearbox casing, utilising a two piece construction to aid setup and maintenance. Downside is that it is heavier.
    They expect to find 1s performance gain over the PS04. I'm assuming this is the unmodified version of the PS04. So target lap time for Imola is 1 min 24.9 s
  • If it's 1s a lap faster than the PS04 which complies with the old regs, then that's a good start.
    I do hope the front will be different than what we saw at Mugello though. Even if it's brand new it looks exactly the same as the one from the PS04. Which is dissapointing when combined with these curved in sidepods, forward positioned exhausts and that engine cover very tightly wrapped around the airbox plenium.
  • If it is 1 sec faster than the PS04 then very roughly how much faster is that than the PS04b?
  • I spoke about the PS04B of course as was Petrol I suspect. The stricte PS04 was the Arrows. The question is how much faster the PS05 can be than the 2005 aero PS04B. Very very roughly I'd say something around 1.5 s. At least on paper...
  • Will there be the official launch of the 05 or a shakedown of PF's 05 today? I have not seen anything as of yet.
  • I am repeating myself now. Chassis 01 performed so well that preparing 02 for a pre-GP shakedown was opted against. This meant that the team could work a regular Wednesday instead of pulling all-nighter as they did Monday/Tuesday. The team is finishing the building of chassis 02 as we speak. Last I saw them they had an engine in the back of it and were working on the electronics installations. After that would have been radiators and then gearbox.

    Christijan's car was looking good though. The engine, radiators, gearbox etc were installed and as we left they were attaching crash spars and the surrounding bodywork. I would imagine that they tested the lump some time after lunch.

    Petrol: The gearbox will be late. I noticed that the 05's were lacking a 3rd coil-over though. The 04B used a rather bulky coil-over damper going laterally over the casting while the 05 cars were using just a damper, despite being the same gearbox.

    The engine cover does not really 'bulge'. It is simply similar to the 03's contoured engine cover while running the McLaren-like spine to comply with the regulations. The engine cover they had ready today featured both airbox winglets as well as a shelf wing which looked nicely contoured, similar to Sauber.

    Front wings for the moment are the same. Of course though they will be able to run a bit more angle on them with the new lump. The factory was cutting new wing moulds though, so expect new front wings as well as new rear wing elements to join the new end plates.

    Anything I forgot?

    RJ has my photos, he may post them once he gets back to Sienna or he may not.
  • Well done, Jello!

    On the 3rd spring, coud be a torsiion bar setup instead of a coil? You see anything going laterally into the car?

    Looking forward to pics!!!

  • I think I did, But alas no photos of it as in teh factory it was in the 'no photo' section and we couldnt take pics from the back of the garage today. Iv already got in trouble with my camera once already, im not going to do it again!
  • Roberta likes Ste. A lot.

    The rear suspension has been torsion bars since the Ti box was introduced. The third damper was simply a provision for bumpier tracks, Imola being extremely bumpy. I would imagine that it's easier and possibly more efficient to use a coil-over third damper over using bigger torsion bars. TOIT will run a special engine cover when they use bigger bars, a luxury that Minardi don't have.
  • Same tub or not maybe, but we do have new/modified front suspension.

    check out te mounting points on te bottom


    PS 05
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