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27/28th Mugellotest-thread



  • It's twisty but not that tight; more slow to medium speed. A really good track to monitor corner speed.
  • Half a second off target time. Getting there. I wonder what they changed on the car? At Imola Jordanski were 2.7 s off TOIT. Another 0.5s and its game on!
  • OMG... I think i'm hallucinating!!:o:D
  • and most importantly, the gearbox is supposedly now reliable. :cool:

    Major kudos to the crew, may they now enjoy some proper rest, knowing that they've done, essentially, the impossible.
  • Does that mean we don't have geometric thingamy problems after all (and that there was a lot of knee jerk reactions going on last weekend)?;)
  • Does that mean we don't have geometric thingamy problems after all (and that there was a lot of knee jerk reactions going on last weekend)?;)
    Not knee jerking,...but maybe jerking of another kind

    as granddad said,..."all good things take time:

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  • Looks like some one made a mistake at the team as posted on TOMS

    The Minardi F1 Team press release of the above date contained an inaccurate lap time and total number of laps for Patrick Friesacher. The correct data should read as follows:

    Best lap: 1 min 25.030 secs
    Total laps: 59

    As a result of this correction, the total testing distance covered by the team this season should now read 1357.8 km. The Minardi Press Office apologises for the mistake and any confusion caused.

    So the 2nd day was even better than we thought:D
  • that's 22 laps extra:D information!
  • Thank the Lord. Well done boys and girls. Now let's catch those Yellow Meanies.

    Forza Minardi!
  • So, Albers and Friesy are really close to each other performancewise.
  • The more you look at those times. The more impressive they are. 3 seconds off Barichello's ferrari. When you think of how many times Rubens has gone around Mugello compared to Albers it's fantastic. I bet if you put RB in the Minardi and CA in the ferrari there lap times would be pretty similar to eachother. You can't say that our car is 3 seconds slower than the ferrari when you compare F1 experience and track experience of the drivers.

  • It seems 2 BAR's ran with a V8 at the test.
    From Grandprix.com:
    Honda V8 runs at Mugello
    The British American Racing test last week at Mugello resulted in the BAR-Hondas going fastest and completing an impressive number of laps. Officially the team was evaluating "further aerodynamic upgrades for the Spanish Grand Prix, as well as various tyre programmes and the introduction of the latest specification engines from Honda".

    What they did not say was that the latest specification engines were the V8 engines for 2006.

    The engine was fitted into a new prototype chassis which was run by Anthony Davidson and Enrique Bernoldi. Davidson completed a record test distance for the team over one day and also set the fastest time of the day 1m20.652s, two one-hundreths ahead of Takuma Sato and ahead of the Ferraris of Rubens Barrichello and Michael Schumacher. On the second day Bernoldi completed 151 laps with the car.
  • As I said a V8 is a faster option. Advantages lay in tighter packing at the rear, better fuel efficiency and lighter engine.
    It makes no sense to run a V10 next year. Stoddart needs to secure sponsorship and change to the Cosworth V8. Otherwise all the teams hard work will be pissed down the tube.
  • If it is true that BAR ran the V8 and was clocking in the 1.20's at Mugello, what will happen to a governed V10? We will be clocking in the 1.28 area if they reduce what we already have. Currently the chassis setup can attribute for a 3 to 3.5 sec lag from Red Bull. Chassis plus a governed v10 will cause the margin to continue to grow. They have to adopt a V8 setup or make the ultimate decision. The FIA is not going to base their decision on NET times. Just engine Revs.
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