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Tribute to Paul Stoddart

Thanks for saving Minardi in 2001 which gave them the chance to move further ahead with pride.
For putting the team off the back row of the grid finally.
For picking up young talents not backed by either a manufacturer or a marketeer that other teams would have never given a chance.
For all the challenges you made to Max and Bernie that have forced them to come out publically with a lot more information than they ever had before.
For the opportunity given to us, the fans, to learn more about the business side of F1 than ever before.

It was all worth it. Good luck in the future man!


  • I'm most upset that Paul is leaving this sport. He is a unique personality in the paddock that actually loves this sport above his bank account. He has always tried his best with this team and I respect all his efforts. I have never known more about F1 until coming to support this team in 2001.

    You truly have helped promote this sport and bring it closer to the people!

    I'm going to state something for the first time since joing this forum. I was a TOIT fan since the early 80's and a Schui fan as well. How things change.

    Melbourne GP - A historic 2 points for Webber and Minardi

    Paul, I can say with all certainty that I love F1 so much more by shifting my focus to this team and learning so much about this sport through your own passion for it.
    Paul in the Paddock and right, Showing the passion as always

    Thank you for evertything you have brought to this sport and this team. I hope you are invloved in racing sometime in the future, when you are I'll be supporting you. Until then, goodluck with Ozjet, I know you will put the same passion into this enterprise. I'll be flying with you when it takes off later this year...

    Paul with the First OzJet plane
    Looking relaxed in the Ozjet plane

    Your in business... Pauls new role.

    Forza Paul Stoddart - Good Luck Paul, we will miss you on the grid.
  • My Mama always told me if you don't have nothing good to say don't say anything.

    Good advice.
  • My Mama told me Americans were inherently ungrateful. For what it's worth you shouldn't have posted in the thread unless you had something nice to say. Look at the thread title. :rolleyes:

    Back on topic: thanks for the efforts Paul, I know you have done your best with the odds stacked against you. I'd love to see you somehow start up one of those dormant franchises and make a go of it in a new financial climate come 2008. I'm getting misty... :(

    As a fellow Australian, i'm proud of you. ;)
  • You don't know the whole story... Paul got duped. It's hard to say nice things about him right now.
  • Pound salt P1
  • I want to say thank-you to Stoddie for his efforts over the past four years or so. He undoubtedly saved the team (Yanks take note) thus ensuring my most emotional F1 experience ever, as I was in Melbourne for the 2002 race. I will never forget it, so thank-you Paul.

    I remember, too, interviewing Paul and Justinho for this website Christmas '02, as a wave of ultimately ill-founded optimism surged around the team!

    I remember rolling around on the living room floor as Zsolt headed for Indy points and being at Silverstone to help pay tribute to John Walton.

    And then 2005 - what other F1 team could bring together people from San Francisco, Sicily, Sheffield, Innsbruck, London, etc. to have a great time, take the piss a bit, and cheer on their heroes in the face of utter incomprehension from the TOIT glory-chasing Tifosi?

    I give you Minardi, I give you ForzaMinardi.com.

    I will be staying. I will hope they don't change the name too much. This should be the start of a move up the grid but thanks, Paul, for keeping us on the bloody thing. I think we should send him something.

    Forza Minardi!
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Brilliant, Quig.
  • We will see who is more accurate.

    Only time will tell.
  • Accurate about what? My memories?
  • Accurate about the truth concerning the sale of the dream....I mean Team.
  • Err, that Bernie forced it? That the name won't be kept? That it would have been better to go bust? That they're lying about staying in Italy?

    I'm proud of you protecting your source, you little tinker, but that doesn't prevent you actually talking.
  • One day ....one day.
  • Bugger it! Posted in the wrong thread, ah well, get stuffed Quig; Pinto boy.
  • I have to say seeing Stoddie give all those interviews did make me feel quite sad.

    Thank you so much Paul, I'll miss you. :(:(

  • Mark Webber had this to say...

    "He is the best team boss...He's fair, but hard...Paul is a legend in this paddock"
  • Kudos to Paul, at least, for extending the life of our beloved team by five years.
  • my papa used to tell me that whenever you want to say thank you, just say thank you.

    Thank you Paul Stoddard. That you Gian Carlo MInardi.

    I will be gone if the name Minardi will not stay with us.
  • That would be very sad and change it for all of us.

    Despite worries over the name and an unsettling feeling all round this is a potentially great move for the Faenza Lions. Independence has been lost and that is upsetting but, really, one has to ask where we were going.
  • Thanks for everything, but this might be not his end in the paddock. Who knows...
  • My Mama always told me if you don't have nothing good to say don't say anything.

    Good advice.
    Taking your advise Emmo
  • I've no shame in saying I loved the guy. A real loss to the sport, delivered some real home truths on the way the sport was headed.

    A little unrefined... a little obnoxious... a little over indulgent.

    I loved him none the less. Kept Minardi alive when it had no chance at all, survived Prost, Arrows, Jaguar and Jordan. Brought pride to all Australians when he brought MW into the sport. Let's hope he isn't lost entirely to the sport.
  • Thank you for everything Stoddart :(

    [Edited on 11/9/2005 by Linus]
  • I doubt Red Bull will keep him but I agree with your assessment, Junior.

    [Edited on 11/9/2005 by viges]
  • Thank you Paul. God bless you. :(
  • Thanks a lot Paul
  • Let me add my thanks to Mr. Stoddart for keeping Minardi on the grid the past 5 years.
  • No chance he'll be asked and I can't possibly believe there's any way he'd stay. Having to sign off on a regular basis on issues he's opposed to with every fiber of his being isn't in his DNA.

    You will be missed you pesky shit!
  • Good on yer Paul, mate!

    Don't worry about the odd critic or two.
    But then you never did.

    Thanks for your contribution to the Team and to Minardi.
    You kept it going through some tough times and helped the team keep some respect.

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