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  • Is it on US TV?
    in A1GP Mexico Comment by MCSF March 2007
  • Could be PLM - rumor has it that he will be at the launch.
  • Looks it - coould it be Sala's? That would make it a M189. [Edited on 23-3-07 by MCSF]
  • Wow - this is so cool. But I thought the launch was tomorrow - GCM and the rest of the Team just got there today.
  • I will not be there but we have 3 that are in Valladolid right now. If you ant I can put you in touch with them - email me at and I will get you their mobile etc.
  • UPDATE FROM GER: We were on the flight with GCM , Giovanni, and others. GCM WAS AWESOME he was talking to me like a old friend. We were offered a lift into the city on their bus but as we didnt quite know where our hotel was we took a taxi. Dan w…
  • We'll have at least 2 present - man I wish I could be there...... Which brings me to my next point. All you Euro types are 30 euro via Ryanair from that place but yet you remain at whatever socialist democracy hellhole you call home. Are you Mina…
  • Don't get me wrong Oz, I still watch and enjoy (to a lesser extent) F1. However the thought of MS buying what STR and even thinking for a moment that we would have "our" Team back is fanciful at best. You are luckier than us - to the best of my kn…
  • When,if ever, GCM gives the champ car team HIS blessing then I will support it.
  • We don't need a Schumi or anyone else. We have a Team. They had their launch over this past weekend. GP2 is our main series now - with the Euro 3K and Italian F renault and f3 as other series where we can show our support.
  • Can I get a 12 digit grid coordinate for the location of the "meet"?
  • I think we need to re align how racing series are ranked. If this story is half tru then I think we must move champ car down and Euro 3K up. At least the Euro 3000 has a full grid this year.
  • I did not know they WERE racing in Asian F3. Hell I did not know there WAS an Asian F3!
    in Minardi in F3 Comment by MCSF March 2007
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi should have added that it's an edited translation, the original doesn't mention champ car (unless you want to read that into "we now have 4 teams") which I will leave up to you I think the 4th Team refers to the Ren…
    in Minardi in F3 Comment by MCSF March 2007
  • He is also the Patron Saint of the Paratrooper! [Edited on 1-3-07 by MCSF]
    in MICHAEL! Comment by MCSF March 2007
  • Yeah - I posted this some time ago - its def a double edged sword.
    in Tribute?! Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • You still have 37 words to go.
  • Profiteer!
    in The Book Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • [quoteRon actually had a soft spot for Minardi, as one highly-placed source tells me in the book ... [/quote] Do tell us more!
    in The Book Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • Simon Old Chap - next time oyu talk to Ron would you please ask him if he still has nightmares of a hammer wielding Italian gentleman chasing him down? Serously - ask him the next time you. See if he has any regrets over his comment that prompted …
    in The Book Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • This is a great idea and I am sure that just getting the word out to the Minardi community will generate some interest. Keep yur head down old bean - get back to work!
    in The Book Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • I feel bad for all of the hardworking craftsmen in Faenza. They used to take pride in the car THEY designed and built. Now, the engineering department is in England with most of the major manufacturing done there as well. When we were in Faenza la…
    in STR 2 Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • Originally posted by viges I had a croissant this morning. Next will be the Campari in the afternoon.
  • It will be great to be ther e when GCM moves back into the old Faenza factory with his F1 Team.
  • Lease Tune Up Checklist: 1. Stopped using smilies - check 2. Witty and wordy post - check 3. Abusive zing - check Tune up complete. However we will be keeping watch on you and your senior moments to make sure the people with the long sleeve …
  • Here's another one - "Mea culpa" Latin for I have sinned. Sinned against who/whom you athesist? Maybe P1 is right.
  • Lease - whats up with the smiley's? I remember a long time ago you were adament against their use. Look how the mighty have fallen.
  • Pretty impressive stuff!
  • Well, what are your predictions people? I think this is a good move - taking the best elements from both squads. I know for a fact - yes from secret emails from Veggiano - that they are working very hard sorting the two squads out and prepping fo…
    in Front Page Comment by MCSF February 2007
  • Do we care?
    in Clown? Comment by MCSF February 2007