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  • Well, after what research Ive had time to do, it looks like it was used between Imola and Indy (as stated previous), as before that he used an Arai with a bit different design, and afterwards, returned to the Arai, although similarly painted to this…
  • I dunno, maybe if he sold it cheaper we'd have a "team player" like Eddie Irvine running it and we'd still have the Minardi name.
  • Always great to get a new sponsor, now we have a Minardi Tifosi! Who needs that other italian team's tifosi? :D
  • IMO its a bad idea to compare Jos HVM time to Bjorn in a DCR cars time... DCR is like the Minardi (you get the idea, hey I like them too!) and is usually the slowest. Slowest, but still can get podiums with the right driver as shown with Seriva at …
  • [quote]Mohammad is the worlds greatest con man. Stole all the best from all the the previous religions and called it his owm. Try again. See that's what I love about quig. Can't tolerate people having a few digs at Catholicism and it's skeletons,…
  • What about Gaston?? I didnt hear any cheering for him last year!!:o
  • I am wondering if this whole thing was just a stupid publicity stunt? In the end, it showed PS will do anything, TOIT isnt afraid to look like arrogrant pigs, and that maybe the saying "any publicity is good publicity" doesnt always hold true! :span…
  • Minardi front wing also with Melbourne GP on it. Maybe it was for the thing in town today? Anyone else upset with the new Minardi logo on the nose of the car? PS is really getting rid of any traces of the old Minardi... bring back the M!
  • FM are there any more Mediums por Larges still available? Does anyone know if there is a large difference between US and Euro Medium/Large sizing?
    in Tshirts Comment by sadler21 March 2005
  • Thanks guys, I bid on a few other donor cars that work as a 1993, and just need white ink for my ALPS printer, and a 2002 should be finished soon! Others in the works at various points include the 1988 and 1992 Minardis.
  • What I can say is that I only hope them not to change the livery from the fantastic grey-black to Johnnie Walker red-yellow. After 2006, when West is gone, Mclarens gonna need a new sponsor :o But I doubt it would be red/yellow, it would be Johnn…
  • yea, I got my yellow minardi fleece from the guy JK got his stuff from, but I got mine for $41 US, not 100+!!! I really wanted the flag, and I am ready to accept the fact that it may sell cheaper, but 14 GBP after airmail to US isnt that bad... when…
  • thanks, email is thanks again!
  • wow, great pics, the resolution is superb, these are definate keepers for reference if Minichamps doesnt make a 2004 1/18!
  • if someone spots the flag, tell me one tosser has the Euro Minardi flags for 10 gbp on ebay... i may get one of those, but the REAL minardi flag is all yours if I find it ill tell ya
  • no, this is the guy that I got my fleece from a month ago, he did not go to the auction, but rather he is close to the Minardi team, so he just goes over there and buys the stuff... I still want a bloody European Minardi T Shirt (not a bloody one t…
  • Yep, someone from London paid £320 for a 2003 Wilson 1:18 I think. :o Holy crapity crap! Ive been looking for that car, but its not that hard to find!
  • Are there any plans for a 2004 Minichamps 1:18 minardi? I have the 2003 one. at this point, Minichamps is still planning on making one, although if not, I will be trying to make waterslide decals to convert them to 2004s, theres enough Jos' still l…
  • any smaller cars i.e. the usual 1:43 Minichamps? my collection is that size and i do not intend to change that to go bigger. (or my wife will throw me away)!!! No, Minichamps already makes 1/43, and they do it better than anyone else, plus they ha…