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  • Thanks RJ, we're working hard right now to complete the magazine, so we can start on the English edition.
  • Just fired the guy who did the stories, his replacement was already waiting in the wings...
  • The 2009 new car plan has been changed, since the delivery of a lot of new tubes this year by Dallara. To make the investment (expensive Euro) worth while, the teams have to run these tubes a couple of years... So anyone who thought they way the mer…
  • There will be less ovals in 2009, but they'll stick to the same old, bulky, expensive and slow Dallara. The car will be replaced in 2011... Better tune in to Superleague Formula in the mean time.
  • The difference between A1 and Superleague is that these car are faster. Commenting on the odd combination between footbal and Formula racing: It's a proven fact, that when you combine a new thing, and a strong brand, it takes off as a rocket. The on…
  • First impression of the Vallelunga test: Great looking cars, nice sounding engine. Giancarlo also came to see for himself... Tredozi and his men did good: his drivers topped the chart. See here [Edited on 11-8-2008 by Selespeed]
  • ...and as allways, I'm bound to find out. :cool:
  • "Where did you say you want me to put this microphone?"
  • Yeah, you're right, just some preparation for the IRL in 2009 I guess. [Edited on 30-5-2008 by Rime] [/quote] He should have been in Indy this year to show his face. As I found out, most people in the IRL have never heared of him. Dan Clarke an…
  • so,... if one driver takes out another.... when exactly is it a penalty?!
  • No wonder this puppet-on-a-string has a pussycat-doll as girlfriend... ;)
  • Originally posted by Stan I still wonder who will ever buy a team without it's own design crew. Not to mention that I suspect most of their normal car development programme has been reduced to nothing as well. But that's only speculation of course. …
  • So they are twins after all!
  • I think two Aussies may have a go: one who signed the (CCWS/IRL) merger agreement, and one who gave him the pen... :cool:
  • Originally posted by Rime That 156 is for sale :( We are expecting twins so I'm afraid my new car will be a Grand Espace... Good luck at Long Beach, enjoy it. thanx, I will. You might want to consider the Altea XL, a Walter d'Silva design...
  • That's a fast post Rime! The news just broke... Anyway, I'm doing Long Beach, Indy 500 and perhaps some Super League Formula (a strange concept, but the car looks ok!) this year. Everything ok with the 156?
  • There is squad at Leafield for sale.... :cool:
  • The merger is a good thing, but is it the right thing to do now?! I forsee logistical problems, law suits, and chaos. Moreover, they'll probably use the ugliest car ever designed. I wonder what Laguna Seca will bring us... I hope the DP01 and the st…
  • Can Pro Drive do this just like that?!
  • I'll order the champagne ;-)
  • So why are do they bother now. Aguri and Torro aren't driving their own build cars for two years now. Plenty of time to appeal before...
  • Originally posted by forzaminardi and they're allowed to? the point being? Aerodynamic stuff. Ferrari claims it has to do with cooling the brakes, while in fact what they try to do is smoothen the airflow which passes the wheels. Normal rims tend to…
    in Wheels Comment by Selespeed October 2007
  • Pics are up on , keyword 'Doornbos' or, 'actueel' . I'm a bit gutted that Phoenix is cancelled, but then again, it's only affordable when RD has a shot for the title...
  • Well, personally I'm not that fond of the new series Alfa put out... although I like the 159 far better then the Brera. But we're getting way off-topic now. [Edited on 24-8-2007 by Selespeed]
  • Yep, you've got email! D.
  • Nice, ik moet eens een plaatje van m'n nieuwe bella 3.2 V6 uploaden... ;-)
  • Baumgartner or Wirth also have been named. But Dominques is in pole for this race, acording to the rumours here. btw Doornbos blew up his turbo exiting the pitlane, I think his fastest time has been removed for causing a red flag.
  • Dan Clarke is suspended for the race following a collision between Heylen and Wilson.
  • It'll be great! There's a bunch of Lambo's on track now.
  • Originally posted by viges What are you doing in there? ...and why are dressed in that white minimalistic outfit?! ;)