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Imola, 24th of April

Imola will take place the 24th of April

Who can make it?
What tickets shall we get?

C'mon guys this time it's serious!


  • Why in Imola, RJ, Monza for the spectators is much better!
  • :rolleyes: manlio.... what have we been speaking about for the last six months :spank:
  • I'm there. :cool:
  • I'd be there if I could. More likely be able to in 2007, hopefully Imola is still on the calender then.
  • :D :D :D :D :D :D :cool:

    Count me in.
  • Why in Imola, RJ, Monza for the spectators is much better!
    Gang - this is more than just all showing up for a race. This a celebration of ForzaMinardi.com's 5th year as well as the MCSF's 5th Official year. It would also be a great way to show the Team we are backing them in a very special way.

    This board, more than even the one at TOMS, has the most hardcore Minardi fans in the world.

    I have been in contact with my people in Faenza and they have offered a tour and possibly some other special events. We just need to firm up our body count so we can plan accordingly.

    As for me - I'm pretty much 100% but I still want to bring Mrs. MCSF and MCSF Jr. and that is the rub at the moment.
  • I'll start asking a vacation from now.
    At least for saturday and sunday I'll be there 99,9%.
    It's going to be great.
    And I'll write about you all in my newspaper, for sure!

    C O M E
    T O
    I T A L Y,
    I T A L Y
    I S
    W A I T I N G
    4 U
    (B E R L U S C O N I
    N O T
    I N C L U D E D)
  • well I'm there anyway so I will to go to Imola as well (should be 4 hours on the train or so) so that's no problem

    everybody keep an eye on www.autodromoimola.com for tickets availability.
  • Special events, tours, the race, the Team, coverage by Italy's top journalist.......

    What more could anybody possibly want???

    This will be fantastic, all we need is a MASSIVE turn out.

    TOIT (and the tifosi) will not stand a chance;)
  • coverage by Italy's top journalist.......
  • April is a month I cannot take holiday at work...............so I'll have to generate a cardboard cuttout for someone to take with them........won't make that much difference!!! :P
  • We would have to hold you back anytime Stoddy was near anyway, better that you stay home mate.

    Anyhow guys I thought about something. The potential wardrobe conflicts (MCSF and FM.com members at one function) could be solved by having some shirts made up. It is after all a triple-anniversary celebration...
  • will have non of it this is europe so this is a ForzaMinardi.com thing:hehe:
  • ForzaMinardi.com - 5 Years.

    MCSF - 5 Years.

    Minardi - 20 Years, at their home race

    We could make a kickass shirt dammit! Besides, this will basically be MCSF day for 2005...
  • Thats kinda the point Jello - however it looks like there may be 4 of us from the MCSF. Nonetheless it is just an event to show the Team that we are out there everyday pulling for them.

    A special T would be cool - I'd throw in - FM.com IS the OFFICIAL news outlet for the MCSF after all.

    I do think that this is 21 for Minardi - PS said something like "...this, our 20th season...." at the end of last year.

    [Edited on 12/12/2004 by MCSF]
  • last one was the 20th but the 20th anniversary is 2005.

    I'm 29 years old, so I'm living my 30th year of life, but my 30th birthday is going to be next july.
  • Thanks...I think. As soon as my head stops spinning I'll look at your explinatio again.

    All I know is that I am old and bald.
  • i'm in my first year at uni but i'll be one yearat uni at the beginning of the second year...

    anyway I'd rather invest in a flag than some shirts
  • Salvo I'm in exactly the same boat.......when in July? My 30th is the 10th!
  • "My 30th is the 10th!"

    My 40th is on the first, you got some catching up to do boys.
  • and he still has a flat top!!! ;)

    Ooof my hundreth post, are'nt I lucky!!!

    [Edited on 14/12/2004 by StoddieBasher]
  • 23rd Matt. I'm young, you're old. :hehe:
  • BTW: For what its worth, its one week past my 21st.

    [Edited on 15/12/2004 by Clown]
  • Well then you are old enough to know better.

    Get a haircut and get a real job.
  • clown a sagittarius? well well...
  • Ah all of you old farts!!!!

    I bet your all thinking, 'oh, to be 18 again'

    I am, shame ;);~););) lol
  • Answered in order.

    1. Matt, damn straight, helps my hat stay on at work.

    2. Clown, Congrats.

    3. Quig, old enough to know better, young enough not to care!!! But agree with part two. Clown, get down to your nearest recruiting centre. I'll line you up an appointment.

    4. RJ, it worries me that you knew what star sign he was so quickly. Usually that sort of knowledge over here is associated with tree-huggers or horses hoofs.

    5. Ste, no way bloody known. I wouldn't want to have to go through all that again.

  • 4. RJ, it worries me that you knew what star sign he was so quickly. Usually that sort of knowledge over here is associated with tree-huggers or horses hoofs.
    Don't worry he got it wrong :P
  • You sure? My brother is one and he was born on the 7th.
  • I know I'm an Aries :P

    Google sez: March 20 to April 21

    [Edited on 16/12/2004 by Clown]
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