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  • The race was on Eurosport 2. Rodriguez had an engine failure early, Negrao was pushed off the track by Glock just after the start and was 9th, then he fought his way through to a strong 4th place and suddenly they showed his car parked in the gravel…
  • I don't know about global warming but the weather here in Europe has been so odd the past couple of years. I mean last year we had one hell of a winter with a lot of snow, and this year there was almost no snow!
  • You know, such kind of stuff makes me wonder about the whole world of F1. I always thought Berger was a great guy for example, and Horner was actually one of the 'down on earth' team bosses for me, always very subtle and careful while expressing his…
  • Paul said that running 4 cars would probably be a bit too much and that 3 is their aim.
  • That's great to hear. Now we only need Jos in the mix :P Oh wait here he comes.
  • Great racing produced by A1 yet again. I'm quite impressed with Yoong especially as I heard that Greg Wheeler left the team and joined USA. Bring on Beijing!
  • Anyone watched the races today? The sprint was a little bit dull and predictable but the feature... There was just everything, sliding, spinning, overtaking, drama, changing conditions. Who cares that the driver lineup is weaker than last year when …
  • For the pride of your nation, check your bank account!
  • I do NOT understand this. Why does this money problem always happen with Jos? Why don't Yoong, Lapierre, Enge, Kerr and others have a problem with no guarantees? I tried to fool myself with the Jordan soap opera but enough is enough. I fully agree w…
  • the 5th comeback of Jos? I'm for it :D
  • Originally posted by Stan It's official, they kicked out Villeneuve. I wonder why. I did not have the feeling that Kubica did a lot better than Villeneuve did. To tell the truth, Kubica was very lucky during the race and the qualifying. His bad luc…
  • I was one of the biggest critics of Webber last year but now I have to say he's driving just brilliantly. He's matured and improved his racecraft giving the overrated Rosberg a good run for his money. I wish him a top seat either at McLaren or at Re…
  • Kubica is the real deal. I told you about the guy some time ago, he was the first foreigner to win the Italian Karting Championship. I hope he does well on Sunday. And I'm going to the race with a bunch of my Polish friends to cheer for him so watch…
  • What a game it was. Aussies were great, what a spirit! I hope they can beat those Italian primadonnas :P Go Sweden! Go Australia!
  • I'm sorry but I just joined our league and that means the first place is already taken :hehe:
  • Laguna Seca race back on By Tim Redmayne Sunday, March 5th 2006, 23:29 GMT A1 Grand Prix officials are to press ahead with plans to hold next weekend's penultimate round of the championship at Laguna Seca after all, ca…
  • They say it's because of heavy rain hmm. That's two cancelled rounds out of 12 no good. Geez I was really looking forward to see Jos sliding down the corkscrew :mad:
  • With Jos you can see how much of a difference a good race engineer can make in A1GP. Not to take anything away from Graham Taylor, but since Bernard Freneix joined the team in Durban Jos is right up there with France, Switzerland and Great Britain. …
    in Hi Doc! Comment by Fox_Mulder March 2006
  • As for A1, don't forget about Durban guys. What a great, great track that was! And I read somewhere that the Aussie round next year will only happen if it's a street race in Sydney around the old Olympic site.
  • And Alex has just borrowed a nose cone for the feature from Indonesia. Durban number two anyone? :hehe:
  • What a day! You gotta love this everything or nothing attitude :D First victory since 1993 (German F3). More to follow soon let's hope ;) Forza Jos!!!
  • A Romanian dentist running an F1 team :spank: A1GP here I come!
  • Have anyone seen the Dubai race? I loved it, that was the real Jos again, flying and eating them alive from behind. Could have been a podium if not for another silly mistake :spank: hehe and that banzai move at the last corner on Will Davison was …
    in Jos Comment by Fox_Mulder December 2005
  • Viges :spank: Everyone can have a bad day. Watch out for the Orange Monster tomorrow! Remember he's still 6th in the championship. Forza Jos!
    in Jos Comment by Fox_Mulder December 2005
  • Great thread, great reading! Ok my turn: 1) First Minardi memory? Nurburgring 1999 and Badoer 2) First F1 memory? practice session at Monaco 1994 3) Favourite Minardi memory? Melbourne 2002 - first race during which Jos was not the reason that …
  • Minardi has become one of the great F1 names, albeit with little to no success. It's always had a reputation as a team trying their hardest with little or no resources, and with a true competitive spirit. I think the name should die so that this her…
  • Now with Stoddart being out of the house the only question remains: who will we bash next on this forum and why it will be Webber? ;)
  • I think some of you guys are too emotional at the moment. I'm not a Minardi fan at all, have always been a big Verstappen fan as some of you probably know and always thought I couldn't watch F1 if he's gone. Then came 2004 and even if it wasn't easy…
  • Nice read but of course it's not like the relationship between speed and money is perfectly linear :spank:
  • Yeah Robert is very dissapointed with the FIA's decision :( Apparently a title in the World Series by Renault counts for nothing :spank: