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  • Originally posted by viges STR has committed to becoming a proper constructor nxt year ... in Faenza. If so... any chance to get back to the old name Minardi? What's the meaning of maintaining the Toro Rosso (i.e. Red Bull) name, if there will be …
    in Forza Faenza! Comment by Pegli May 2009
  • YEEESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! :D Great race by Rodriguez! Started in pole (behind the safety car), and finished at first place, with a huge margin on Ricci! Rocha 5th and Rigon 6th... good day for Minardi! What an emotion to watch Minardi win a race... ju…
  • I think taht more cars should have to fight for some points, but the winner has to get more advantage than now. So my suggestion is: 1=20 points 2=16 3=12 4=10 5=8 6= 6 7= 4 8= 3 9= 2 10=1 Obviously, no points if the car doesn't reach the checked…
  • less than 1 minute of highlights, showing just the winner and absolutely no mention of Minardi... :(
  • Any information about italian televisions airing this race??
  • Originally posted by Alloy In an ideal world GCM will be at the launch and both the F1 and the Euro3000 team would enjoy synergies, specifically in the area of driver development. I LOVE ideal worlds!!! :D
  • Nice news...but I don't know if I'll support a team called "Minardi" but based far from Italy and without any involvement of GCM... The Stoddart's cars were a GCM legacy, even without his direct support, but now it will be a totally new team... I…
  • Where are you from? Hi all! I'm from Genova (Pegli is a neighbourhood on the seaside)... BTW... I think that relegation system will be really difficult to apply: probably, a relegated team will lose every sponsorship... and I don't think Ecclesto…