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  • never really knew your full name, just RJ or Robert Jan, but anyway.. Well done!!!
  • Thanx Stan!
  • I thougt the 2 seater program was quite profitable, and thats probably the reason why he kept it.
  • Michiel, I don't care what it does or does not do for them, I'm only worried out the effect it will have on Faenza and the people there. I understand, but I just wanted to point out that what you suggested is probably not going to happen because it…
  • first sponsoring big time before buying the team would be a very stupid thing because the better achievements due to the raised sponsorship would boost the market value and the purchase price of the team.
  • today on dutch tv it is said that Redbull made an offer of 30 million to buy Minardi and that PS wants 35 million... I truly hope Minardi will never become an all american team!!! but a difference of only 5 million does sound like they are close to …
  • I could not imagine why those caompanies would want to take the team away from faenza Keeping PS ofr me sounds good. the team just needs more money keeping PS en 1 or 2 of the current drivers would be very good for the continuity, somethong that th…
  • If those companies would want to buy Minardi I think it would be a great thing! They want PS to run the team but just take the financial trouble away. I truly hope (as a dutch ;)) that this will happen and perhaps they can even keep the current dr…
  • On the dutch site it is said that Kiesa's deadline was just before the press conference so that they could also have anounced Kiesa as theire second driver. It is also said that PS ripped the Kiesa contract appart in front of t…
  • Well I do think that Doornbos should have enough monay to secure the seat because he was i think a serieus contender for the jordan seat. But personnely I'd rather see Baumgartner in the seat and I just could'nt imagine what would happen here if Min…
  • yes thats what i meant. Because if they need to get more milage it might be interesting for them to concentrate on more teams than only TOIT...
  • could be a good thing though, Iff Bridgestone truely needs to get more milage, Minardi could be an interesting option for them?
  • Change engines before the race, tune up the bastard to run 300k's and go like hell. Take the grid penalty. What have we got to lose!!! I think that would be something cosworth would put in a contract