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  • Im currently living in Qatar, shortly moving to Saudi Arabia so am in for any of the Middle East GPs next year. Ste
  • Is Peter Sauber even doing much with the team anymore.....since he signed the team over to Monisha. I know he probably will be, hard to see his baby struggling.
  • Yes sir... *looks at floor in shame*
  • I am still alive and kicking, dont worry..... Just been out of the loop for a while. After consuming one or two too many sherberts at my new rugby club that night I may have sent out a text (I have no recollection of this, nor that I still had your…
  • Its refered to as the Vanish brand name in the same way that 'hoover' is a vacuum. I think....
  • Very expensive on a friday!! I dont know how they get away with charging over £3.50 a pint at the weekend for the same pint of beer thatthe sell for £1.50 on a wednesday
  • Where did you go?
  • Sadly I cannot attend the 5th as I will be setting up camp in the surroundings of a circuit called silverstone
    in Lease Loose Comment by Ste May 2007
  • Are you on corperate or journo this year Viges or are you slumming it like the rest of us GA Elite??
    in Lease Loose Comment by Ste April 2007
  • Yes, daytime would be better for me aswell.
    in Lease Loose Comment by Ste April 2007
  • Yup, I threw of the shackles of studentdom and flung myself into the real wide world of work. Im an Assistant Project Manager for a company in Birmingham. Our Clients offices are in London so I have to go to meeting there a fair bit. Also im at…
    in Lease Loose Comment by Ste April 2007
  • Ive got to go to London a few times in that time period for business. Let me know the date early doors so I can try and schedule some meetings to the right days.
    in Lease Loose Comment by Ste April 2007
  • Two teams running exactly the same car. Were turning it into Champ car!!!
  • See, Londons jumping on Birminghams bandwagon!! We had one up here two years ago and now everybody wants one!!!
  • Did you do any disco dancing at said party???? ;) Anyone still got the video?
  • Yup vegimite is like marmite. But marmites better!!! Bovril, now thats something else!!!!! [Edited on 25-10-0606 by Ste]
  • Think itl be like this??? [Edited on 19-10-06 by Ste]
  • Awesome!!! Plus PS couldnt come in with the european minardi as he gave GCM the rights to the Minardi name when he sold the team to red bull.
  • In the beautiful game of rugby theres none of this open violence ( it all goes on out of the way of the ref, or sir as we call him!!) I think football can learn a lot from rubgy, especially in the respect front. Theres no argueing back, only the c…
  • Yea thats where they wouldnt let us in. you see where it says suites thats where we wandered to and the building with the silverstone union jack on is race control
  • Heres the first one, oh how I wish to have any of the top line!
  • I was also at Silverstone, but not in that much style, but in someways more!! we only had the £99 GA all weekend passes but we made use of them. After the race whilst my friends were at the GP party my friend and I decided to go for a wander by th…
  • If they have a good qualy then the FIA will restrict the engines even further. Remember at the start of the year they added in the rule that they could change the restrictions overnight!
    in come on guys !!! Comment by Ste May 2006
  • Hi Chris, I have some pictures of some of the things that you asked for from Minardifest 05 last year, they are all in high quatily pictures. I havnt got many of the engine ane electronics as you couldnt photograph in the garage ( plus I was alre…
  • Birmingham is where its at!!
  • Another one of these im feeling lucky searches is 'french military victories'
  • Dont have too much Jello, you know what happened last time!!! ;)
    in 4 Million Comment by Ste March 2006
  • Plus isnt there a jinx on drivers with chrome helmets??? Didnt Alesi have one in 99 and swiftly got rid of it thinking it was bad luck??
  • If it doesnt happen, you can visit it on your tour with a hire car and drive around it!