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  • Have I missed something? What about the deal (if there was any) that David was going to run Mclarens B-team with a chassis and engine? There were rumours that Ron Dennis already had bought shares.
  • What a as***le! Well said Robert-Jan. Reactions are the same everywhere on the internet. What does he know about Minardi. They used to build a car in three weeks. And remember what Robert Doornbos said about Liuzzi. Talking about commitment.......
  • From autosport: Q: And your thoughts on another Dutchman, Robert Doornbos? Stoddart: "Robert, another ex-Minardi driver, a driver I've worked with and a driver I thought did incredibly well in the second half of '05, and obviously had another chanc…
  • According to Muermans Katherine Legge is going to be one of the drivers for Minardi Team USA.
  • Origineel gepost door Minardus WOW! I didn't care for Euro3000, but GP2 is fantastic news! This I can watch on TV!!!! Nothing to add!!!
  • Origineel gepost door FactyCrab btw, can the dutchies please advise if jos' fans are sympathetic to his reason for opting out? in most other english forum sites the sympathy seemed non-existent. I can tell you most of the fans are surprised and ar…
  • I hope it are tactics but what an ass he is! Hopefully Lammers doesn't give in! ANyway why can't he drive at least at Zandvoort?
  • Not 100% sure if it is true they got sacked, it is a rumour but Renault could lose the championship if they got punished for it. Read it on a forum, but there is no source mentioned.
  • Look at the laptop: Good joke but sadly both mechanics are fired because of it.
  • This is ridiculous if you watch this: (for those who have broadband internet. They were both in a fast lap. This was normal when we had normal quali-sessions years ago, people got into raffic, that …
  • Yes, isn't it great? :P They only see it as a marketing thing, I'm not sure this is a good thing for the team. Another thing that I don't like about the new regulations is the fact that teams are allowed to buy a chassis from a topteam.That is not…
  • If the team will be bought in the near future, and it is looking good, the team will be named SpykerF1. There is already an url created:
  • I really don't get it why dutch companies would like to buy a team instead of sponsoring Albers with more money and getting him a seat at a better team. Or maybe they think they can sell the team in a few years time again with a bit of profit. I dou…
  • Originally posted by silverghost I don't think Webber was dropped, I think he walked. If he had options, why would he stay? Exactly. An announcement will follow soon. He already has a seat at another team. [bewerken aan 3-8-0606 door vuurmuur]
  • There was another former Minardi employee who is working for Ferrari now just recently, it was on dutch tv. Forgot his name.
  • Here it is: GUESS THE DRIVER In view of a spate of rumours on the Internet today, Red Bull Racing would like to clarify who will partner David Coulthard for the rest of the season. Monaco: His Highness Prince Albert Silverstone: The new BRDC Presi…
  • It is not true. The manager of Doornbos is blaming the management of Albers for being the source of this nonsense. It was only on F1racing and this site/magazine happens to be the sponsor of .....Albers! Secondly, a dutch F1 photographer wrote in hi…
  • The A1 race director is fired for the wrongly applied penalty.
    in A1 USA Comment by vuurmuur March 2006
  • Not mine but funny: "How many engines will each of you you blow up this year guys?" [Edited on 14-3-0606 by vuurmuur]
  • Steve Matchett, one of the US F1 commentators stuck it to Mosley pretty good regarding the V8 engines. He was talking about the STR's air resitrictor which is basically a $1 peice of carbon fibre compared to the around $1.6 billion in development of…
  • A Verstappen wannabee lol.
  • Take Max duck hunting Duck hunting with Cheney in this case....;) [Edited on 15/2/2006 by vuurmuur]
  • Race incident in my opinion and most of the Jos Verstappen fans see it that way also. Jos his car was slower then Alex so he probably would have overtaken Jos anyway. Too bad he pushed Jos into the gravel, but did not do it on purpose. Well done Se…
  • Shows me that Red Bull may be regretting the purchase? Or could it be that the main goal is reached, the FIA/Bernie got rid of a real pain in the ass? [Edited on 9/2/2006 by vuurmuur]
  • All I know it was printed in the Austrian magazine 'News'. But other websites mentioned it was a American magazine. But I think it is the first. (i'm not talking about the redbull press release). I haven't found the orignal RedBull press release. S…
  • Gerhard Berger bought 50% of STR! How long will it take for Audi/VW to step in?
  • Leave out 'based' and then you're right. I predict a ban. Yep, what we all suspected is officially true, the STR01 is a copy of the RB1 car and it is legal! Redbull found a loophole. Mosley: 'STR1 perfectly legal' Thursday February 16 2006 If the…
  • Nice looking car! But it still could be based on the RB1 car.
  • wouldnt get too excited it was designed and built in milton keynes so its not a faenza effort It isn't? That's new to me. :(