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  • Given our lack on wind tunnel time etc I think the lads have done a fantastic job this year - just check out the time difference between us and Ferrari - it is so much lower than previous years. FORZA MINARDI
  • I think Toccacelo was just having a proper seat fitting as he said in Turkey that he hadn't had time to get really comfortable in his seat
  • only if i win the lottery as planned this weekend!
    in Monaco '06 Comment by jk July 2005
  • Excellent job - good pics
  • I have followed Johnny's career for a long time and he is still one of my all time favourite drivers. However, I'm not sure about this move. It will be good for him to have a higher profile but I'm not sure that this is a great time to join Jordan/M…
  • well I suppose you just replace Sauber with Williams - they have always had an independent streak and it will be interesting to see if they go into another long term deal with another manufacturer
  • very interesting piece
    in Stoddart's view Comment by jk June 2005
  • Although I don't like JR much on ITV I have to admit that he has improved over the years. I though Brundle's interview with BE was excellent - you could see that BE really didn't want to be there at all.
  • finally it arrived - just secs before timing begins
  • I have registered for the live timing but not had an email through yet - anybody else still waiting??
  • a dry into wet could be interesting though
    in Qualifying Comment by jk May 2005
  • I know there is a lot of hostility towards JV and his comments on leaving minard i were more than unhelpful. However - he is a good (not great) driver with experience to help the team develop a new car. I will take anything that helps the team impro…
    in Strange rumours? Comment by jk May 2005
  • I think it has been good for the team to have the time from the last race to concentrate on the car - without any distractions. Time to go through the data and it looks like it has worked. Just remember how bad the PS04 was at monaco!!!
  • In the press it says that they want Robert to bring money with him - I have a feeling that this whole Midland effort may well not be as well funded as first thought - any ideas people?
  • Seems like the test last week was worth it - I knew we were better than we looked at Imola
    in Barna GP thread Comment by jk May 2005
  • I'm glad they are both good driver and are pushing each other - good for minardi
    in Barna GP thread Comment by jk May 2005
  • pf 1:20.8 - good lap
    in Barna GP thread Comment by jk May 2005
  • albers 1:20.9 but stopped
    in Barna GP thread Comment by jk May 2005
  • Do you know if they are planning a new box later in the year?
  • Chins up people - the car is brand new with very very little running - we have new engine, box, etc etc. so I see this whole weekend as really an extended test as the boys learn how to car reacts to changes etc. I'm just thankful they have new thing…
  • come on - it's only 10 laps with a brand new car - give them time to understand it and push
  • i think the winglet pictured is actually on the old PS04B which is being uswed as the spare at Imola
    in 1st Imola pics Comment by jk April 2005
  • You lot will have a great time in Imola - I went in 2000 and the following day went round the factory in Faenza - BRILLIANT Plus you get to see the STUNNING new car - ENJOY...
    in GOOD LUCK Comment by jk April 2005
  • Great job - NOW WE HAVE A PROPER LOOKING F1 CAR!!!!!!
    in PSO5 at Imola Comment by jk April 2005
  • Last time I can remember anything like this was at ligier with brundle and aguri suzuki sharing the ride
  • I think it's a bit harsh to compare lap times from this year - the car maybe in 05 spec but as we know it hasn't been in the tunnel - Also the engine has been further detuned so that it could possibly last 2 GPs - Roll on the European season - at …
  • Is this really a done deal: Sport Minardi's fate rests with rival James Stanford 645 words 2 March 2005 The Courier-Mail 1 - First with the news 43 English Copyright 2005 News Ltd. All Rights Reserved MOTORSPORT FERRARI will decide today i…
  • I bought a jacket - see my earlier thread - this is official merchandise rather than anything that was at the auction. I did get a very cheap 2000 pit shirt on ebay the other week - about £23 - not sure if this was in the auction or not but htought …
  • not in this lifetime ;)