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  • By moving right, Vettel changed line heading into a braking zone. Thats strictly verbotten. Webber should secure the championship and then stick two fingers up to Helmut and co. Whatever he decides he should stay clear of the clowns at Maranello. …
    in Turkey Comment by Petroltorque May 2010
  • Swervemaking was mugged by the young Turks> Great race. Prepare for a borefest at Barcelona though!
    in China Comment by Petroltorque April 2010
  • Great Race. I think Trulli had hydraulic problems which meant he had to drop his pace.
  • I agree. CFD had nothing to do with the fuel tank; Thats just a monumental cockup. If I were the FIA I would not have allowed them to re-homogulate their car, just to see if Branson's incessant grin turns into a rictus!
  • I see Norbert calling at Kimi's door with a case of Findlandia by mid-season.
  • Have to agree with Viges. Swervemaker does not look good and he no longer intimidates divers. Digrassi coming back at him and spending 18 laps behind Alguesari. How the mighty have fallen. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it monsoon season in Mal…
  • I meant Singapore NOT Malaysia.
  • Its way to easy to say F1's boring. The problem is a combination of track and car. We don't need tracks like Malaysia and Bahrain. Thats the problem with Ecclestone's policy of money at any cost. In addition I'd modify the cars to narrow the front …
  • Hang on a minute Roo, Australia normally provides an exciting race? Its a street circuit. The only street circuit that provides excitement is Monaco. F1's problem still remains turbulence. They've closed the distance from 5s to 1s. Whitmarsh belie…
  • HRT are absolutely Nothing like Simtek. Simtek's Chassis was assembled by a number of Moonlighting F1 mechanics. HRT was designed and built by Dallara, a highly regarded Company. In addition I doubt we'll see any driver coming to grief in a Dallara …
  • Which new teams qualifies highest and how many points are accrued by season's end. The money's inconsequential.
  • I'll take that bet. The Dallara chassis will proove fastest of the news teams, even allowing for first 4 races which will be test sessions for Hispania.
  • Virgin car looks undriveable.Why did Wirth think he could produce an F1 a car without the use of a wind tunnel? Dallara have produced a neat tidy package. The tue test for the New teams is how they stand against Williams, the only established tea…
  • I hope Campos makes it to the grid. He seems to be the closest to GCM in racing philosophy. Interested to see whether the CFD only Virgin car is a lemon!
  • As MacBeth said 'Tis better to go on than to return'.....
  • Yes, yes Spa's up there as well but they really have made the track too easy now except for Pouhon. Ross Brawn summed it up. The fastest way around Suzuka is oversteer bias. Problem is most drivers with that balnce will run out of Talent long befor…
  • An excellent insight as usual, viges. Much appreciated.
  • Will do! Any inside info on Crashgate?
  • Max certainly as settled some old scores. I wonder whose left?
  • A disgruntled driver looking for retribution. The radio transmission are all monitored by the FIA. In any event its difficult to proof a driver deliberately crashed and Piquet was always one corner away from an accident
  • Yes Force India had already offered the drive to Luizzi for 2010. I was listening to the BBC radio commentary with Davidson et al, what they failed to appreciate it was the complexity of the car. I texted in to their show that Davidson would line u…
  • Yea Luca was gawd awful bad! What a difference 10 years makes. Makes a mockery of all the new startups wanting experienced test drivers. Best to go for a young hotshoe!
  • i would say Suber, in whatever name are still favourites as they are an established team, not a startup.
  • Peter sauber still owns a 20% stake in the team. I see BMW transfering the team to him with a suitable dowry. The assumption being that he keeps it running for at least 3 years to avoid any breaches in EU employment law.
  • Its got to be Luca. A seriously underrated talent. The Nurburgring in '99 he was bossing 4th place till the blasted drive shaft went. I remember the pic of him crying on GCM's shoulder.
  • With the safety being in the spotlight again, I'm not surprised the stewards took a hard line. Henry Surtees was killed by a loose tyre last week.
  • He is one lucky boy. A similar injury accounted for Ayrton Senna. The aerospace quality Carbon fibre in helmets is amazing. From a medical point of view he probably won't race before the end of the season. Brain contusion and suspected base of skul…
  • PS Does anyone feel that Rubens should retire, he has clealy stopped driving...
  • Yes, yes a deserved win! What is it you Aussies say.. Fair dinkum!
  • Its even more interesting that Cosworth have agreed to run at an 18 000 rev limit. Moseley was clearly attempting to get 2 tier F1 through the back door by letting them run unrestricted. At 18 000 revs output is around 720bhp. At 20 000 output is 7…