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  • I don't count Minardi USA, but well done to old Doorknobs, Rigon and Nunes. Rigon in particular always looked a classy fast driver. I recently found out about the Frits van Eerde Minardi collection, which looked absolutely beautiful.... Then I foun…
  • Marques... Whaddaguy! I was a bit shocked to find out about de Cesaris... Guess he died doing what he loved and lived for. Robert Doorknobs runs a sex toy business now, and Fabrizio Barbazza has an artist colony in Cuba. Not making this up, by the…
  • Maybe we should chase up a "where are they now" project for Minardi drivers? We know where good old Fernando is. I was a bit shocked to hear about Adrian Campos, particularly after we met him in Valencia back in '07. Too young! Alboreto too was a …
  • I'm still "around", but not really following current F1 - Cars just too ugly? Drivers just too young? Teams just too confused? rules just too artificial? Rivalries just too manufactured? Anyway, been watching 1978 to 1996 on YouTube. Picture qualit…
  • I hear that another Dutch former Minardi driver, Robert "Doorknobs" Doornbos, now owns a sex toys business.
  • Maldonado - never had a brain cell in his head, it's not malicious, he's just like a crocidile - snap - snap- snap - whenever you point a proverbial stick at him. Lovely guy though. Wouldn't it be dull if everyone was like Prost? Maybe the anti-Lew…
  • Bloody internet - that's a response to an entirely different issue...
  • You said it - my money's on backhanders, but all above board, natch.
  • A Farce. Fun, crazy, but a farce.
  • Good news for my new favourite F1 team...GCM to advise on drivers, and young Giovanni in the mix somewhere maybe?
  • $50billion? He'd be lucky to get 50 old pfennigs. With no sponsors around because all the corporate boardroom types are scared shitless, not the right time to go racing.
  • Best driver: Alonso Most Improved: Vettel Best Team: STR Most Improved Team: STR Best Venue: Spa Best Race: Brazil - whoa, crazy! Most Promising Driver: Hamilton (ain't seen nothing yet) Most Disappointing Team: Red Bull Most Disappointing Driver: K…
  • Fisico did OK, considering. But otherwise I agree, why would Mallya go for him again? Senna is almost ready, but there are doubts still - I reckon Grosjean is better, but he definitely needs another year. I wish F1 was still a sort of place for the…
  • And old favourite Alex Yoong is back too, with Qi Meritus in GP2 Asia.
  • Absolutely, all things Minardi are, but well done to all the Faenza people, "Minardi in our hearts", as I believe someone on the team said once about the Toro Rosso situation. The party will go on for quite a while, I hope GCM (and even Stoddart) ta…
  • I still suspect more to come on this. With Bernie, there's confirmed, and there's confirmed.
  • Well, there's always a need to suspect one of Bernie's stunts, but if it does come to pass, then great - even if the fans will end up picking up the tab for the redevelopment.
  • Absolutely, if you had the money and expertise to run your own fully operational F1 manufacturing operation, just get Bernie's blessing and you are in, no need to pay Mateschitz for the privilege. As always, the question is who has the money and wh…
  • You're right there, McLaren will be up there - but Ferrari ought to win.
  • I'm glad Aldo liked the book, his contributions were really great.
  • I've done my review also. Amazon didn't order enough copies, they've only one left!
    in The Book Comment by silverghost May 2008
  • Truly great piece of work, very proud to own a copy!
    in The Book Comment by silverghost May 2008
  • Hail the mighty(ish) Grauniad - the BBC is now a cowed and craven right wing mouthpiece of the establishment. Power to the people! Tax the rich! Eat the rich! No, wait, let's just subtly embarass the rich into maybe making a few contributions to cha…
  • Yeah, we hate those R*d B**l guys to the end of time.
  • If you could rent out your soul for 40million euros per annum, we might be back in business. My soul ain't worth nothin'.
  • Apparently, he's a bit short of ready cash at present.
  • It would be a travesty if Kovalainen got left out in the cold. Why would Ron not take him? I don't see Lewis as being afraid of him enough to blackball him. Ron's pride will stop him going for any obvious No 1 No 2 setup, and say what you like, the …
  • Alonso would be a fool to go to Toyota - no point attempting to do a Schumacher/Ferrari thing unless you have your own Brawn and Byrne to take with you. Can't see how Williams would give Alonso what he wants - in terms of cash or a top flight car. …
  • Driver-adjustable flaps? Very James Bond.
  • Not very green, is it? Surely F1 needs to position itself at the forefront of the technological drive to dramatically reduce fuel consumption.